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John Merrill's success has awarded him countless opportunities to travel the country, meet celebrities, and experience a fullfilling life. He enjoys new experiences and spending time with friends. He works hard to accomplish his goals, and strives to see his clients accomplish their objectives. When everyone wins, there is cause for celebration and it is these celebrations, that make all of the hard work and effort worthwhile.

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Due to his accomplishments with DirecTV, John was awarded the priviledge of attending Superbowl XLVIII, Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks. During the trip, he was invited to attend an exclusive dinner party with CFO Paul Gaurdio and Gaurdio's closest family and friends at the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan, New York. 

The celebtiry beach bowl is held the day before the Super Bowl, John was invited to attend as a guest of DirecTV where he got to watch celebtries such as Michael B. Jordan, Dr. Oz, Guy Fierri, and Deion Sanderes play football on a field of sand. 

The evening before the Super Bowl, John was invited to attend the Pre Super Bowl VIP party at Pier 40 in New York that included performances by Jay Z and Beyoncé. John mingled with celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Richard Kind, and Macklemore. John was able to meet and speak with Mark Cuban and Alec Baldwin as featured. 

After the Super Bowl, DirecTV Executives and John Merrill were invited to a prestigious brunch where he was front and center with Joe Montana. 

John Merrill meets Mark Cuban
John Merrill meets Alec Baldwin
John Merrill pictured with Mark Cuban at the Pre Super Bowl Jay Z VIP Celebration 

John Merrill pictured with Alec Baldwin at a charity event during the Super Bowl

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John Merrill visits the Red Sox
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John Merrill at the 2014 World Series
John is featured with Mike McMahon, Richard Knox, and Michelle Wolloff at Game 6 of the 2014 World Series. John sat field level with DirecTV executives and middle management as the Red Sox won their first ever World Series in Fenway Park.

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