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This is a snapshot of over an hour long presentation that John Merrill gave with up and coming sales pro Marisa Voloshin , at the ASU weekend in Baltimore, MD. .

John Merrill Door to Door Sales and Marketing

John Merrill of Ground Floor Marketing was invited to present for a Dish Network sponsored distributor conference where management teams from Dish Network and the distribution team for Dish Network all come togetherin one place. He was asked to speak at several Dish Network events and Distributor events, one being in Atlanta, GA and the other in Baltimore, MD. John presented on event selling accompied by sale pro Marisa Voloshin. Together they did a breakout session on several occassions. Below is a video highlighting segments of the presentation. 

John Merrill of Ground Floor Marketing has researched, practiced, and perfected the the art of the sales process. He started off in direct sales and expanded his career into many different sales based fields. His extraordinary amount of success has earned him an incredible reputation. He is highly sought after by major corporations around the country and is always willing to expand his network and offer consultation work and advice to members of the industry.

Below is an email from Corrie Logiudice Feld sent to John after his presentation highlighting and complimenting John's segment as the majority favorite from the event. Corrie is the VP of All Systems, a major distributor of Dish Network. 

One of John Merrill's missions is to help people help themselves. He is always willing to offer advice on how to achieve your goals. To request John's services as a consultant for direct-to-market sales and event marketing, you can email him at 

Call today 860-222-9707
Call today 860-222-9707