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John Merrill is a top sales earner in the USA
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John Merrill has earned great success in the sales industry but it's his drive to share opportunities that has made him so successful. He builds his companies to offer an opportunity where any hardworking sales person can vastly improve their life and income through direct sales. He believes in positivity and enjoying what you do. His energetic and fun personality sets the tone for the type of environment he wants his sales reps to work in. John Merrill gives his sales reps the support, encouragement, and opportunity to recruit and build their own sales teams to further their personal success. He believes the only way to be successful is to teach others to be successful. 

One of John Merrill's missions is to help people help themselves. He is always willing to offer advice on how to achieve your goals. To request John's services as a consultant for direct-to-market sales and event marketing, you can email him at or call 860-516-0322

"There is no ceiling on the income you can earn."

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