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John Merrill has spent his entire adult life researching, practicing, and perfecting the art of  the
sales process. He started off early in life as a young man in direct sales and expanded his career
into many different sales based fields. He has been a part of and researched several MLM based organizations.  He has sold various products and services including, but not limited to:
automobiles, electronics, furniture, vacuums, home improvement, computer software, and
telemedia. In every industry John met goal after goal and broke record after record. John was
always in the top 5% of every company he worked for. He would surpass his leaders in short
periods of time and then build teams that exceeded his peers in a matter of weeks. 

His vast experience has amassed him great success in the sales industry but it is John’s drive to share opportunities that has made him so successful. He truly believes that given the right
guidance and effort, everyone has the ability to be successful and live the lives they have
always wanted. John's training techniques and compensation structures have been copied by
many top sales training executives and have catapulted him to the levels of super stardom in
 the direct sales field. John knows that direct sales is an alternative to the corporate life and he believes that direct sales should consist of a fruitful, professional, and fun working
environment.  His vision: to create a company in which any hardworking sales person can
vastly improve his or her income through telemedia direct sales. John Merrill gives his sales
reps the encouragement and opportunity to recruit and build their own sales teams to further
their success and create their own business. John Merrill has built all of his companies on the
notion that there should be no limit to what a person can achieve.  

During his personal career John has taken part and been invited to countless motivational|
speeches, conventions, and conferences. He has worked with major corporations in the field of
direct marketing and was a Dealer Advisory Council member for DirecTV, an elite group of individuals from the retail channel that focuses on making strategic decisions and promotions regarding customer offers and marketing strategies. He was also asked to be a part of multiple
focus sessions and presentations centered around the Door to Door Industry for DirecTV. John
was also invited to present for CETS August call which focused on Bringing Consistent Growth
and Number in the World of Door-to-Door sales. In addition to the CETS conference, John also presented for multiple Dish Network events, on a distrubiton and internal side.  

One of John Merrill's missions is to help people help themselves. He is always willing to offer
advice on how to achieve your goals. 

John Merrill has successfully built and launched multiple sucessful companies since his career in sales began. His most current and active company is Ground Floor Marketing, where he offers opportunities for people and businesses who are willing to work for themselves. 

He has also been the President of the following companies:
-Empire Elite Marketing
-Simple Play Integration
-Cleanest Solutions

Through his hard work and commitment to being the very best, John has
earned an impeccable reputation in the telemedia industry. His
professionalism exceeds expectations when it comes to selling his client's products. He understands the importance of branding and ensuring that his
clients are represented in the best light. 
John has acqured a multitude of clients throughout his years. He
has worked with major
competitors within the
telemedia industry including: 
-Dish Network
-Hughest Net
-Thames Valley Cable
-Time Warner Cable
One of John's Merrill's goals is to create a non-corporate, fun and professional
working environment where his sales reps can
vastly improve their lives through hard work and commitment. He believes in positivity and
enjoying what you do. Every chance he can, he
offers opporunities and possiblities to the
people around him. His life goal is to help
people, help themselves.  

John Merrill has a natural ability for sales, but he
has perfected his skills by learning from others. He took what came natural to him, and what he
acquired from those around him, and developed a series of programs that has helped launch him into
a leader for the direct sales industry.  

He has developed multiple programs and taught
them to the next generation of salesmen. Key programs of the his success and the people he's
taught has included:
-The 6 Steps of Management
-The MIT Program
-The Ladder of Opporunity
-The Hiring Pitch
-The Kickoff Incentive
-The Wheel of Success

John Merrill loves giving opportunities to others, working hard,and developing
his career but he is more than just a businessman. He is a loving son and
father. He has very strong family ties and believes in giving back to the
community. He has funded scholarships to local students seeking study abroard opportunities. He has donated time and money to his children's school functions
and fundraisers. John has also volunteered for the Kaboom project where
teams of people build playscapes for children. He is active within his community
of Wolcott, CT and loves spending time with family.

John has a passion for life. He is constantly seeking new experiences and rushes
of adrealine. There is no impossible goal and when John is interested in
something new, he goes for it without any hestiation. One of his life's passions is flying and so he spends whatever time he can learning to soar, just as he does in every aspect of his life. 

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